Hello Runners,

This week we’ll meet at a familiar spot: on the hill of the north dam of Spring Lake. From there we’ll run through Annadel State Park and loop around Lake Ilsanjo. Depending on your running app or the state park maps, it’s a distance of between 8.6-9.0 miles.(My apologies for last week’s run being a little long. I re-checked my math with the county maps and the county disagrees with all other apps and pedometers. Oh well…)

Here’s the link to the Annadel map: http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/480/files/Annadel.pdf

This week I’d like to try something new: If the front runners could help “sheepdog” with me, you will a) get more mileage and b) help keep the pack from roaming freely through the countryside. It’s a fairly well-marked trail, but there are some diversions that can potentially split us up – especially this being our first time on this trail. I will also be bringing chalk to help us mark our trail (thank you Hansel and Gretel for the idea…I hope our journey goes better than theirs). If successful, we can employ this technique on harder, less clear trails in the future.

Also, be sure to bring water and if it heats up, wear sunblock, hats, etc.

We will discuss what lies ahead for week 8 (the culminating week of the beginner’s phase of training – yes, it goes by quickly). Last season we did Armstrong Woods on week 8 and it was…memorable. It’s a tough trail that I might save for the intermediate phase.

In any case, there are some good races that are coming up that some of you have already signed up for. The Windsor half marathon on May 18, and Bay-to-Breakers on the same day. There is also a half marathon trail race (pretty steep and challenging) through the Marin Headlands on Saturday, June 14. I encourage you to get in a race or two, if you can.

Have a great week!

tough runner