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Hello Runners,

It was a nice romp through Annadel last weekend, so I say let’s do it again! Most of us now know the way, so it’ll be a lot easier to navigate – and the park is looking more beautiful than ever.

We’ll start from the usual place: the North Dam at Spring Lake @ 9am.

This is week eight, the culmination of the Beginner phase of the class. Decision time. If you’re committed to continue to the Intermediate phase, then week nine will start immediately the following Sunday, May 4. The deadline to sign up through Parks and Rec is Friday, May 2.

By now you should have a pretty good idea of a) whether your body is still up to the task, b) whether your schedule can accommodate this training regimen into your life and c) most importantly – are you enjoying the journey and do you feel better? My hope is that you are feeling better overall (minus the aches and soreness), and that running as a group is helping you stay motivated.

The Intermediate phase is where things get a little more serious and we start cranking up the mileage. By week 16, even beginning runners will be covering 18 miles! We start incorporating the actual marathon route into our long runs and talking about marathon strategy. We will finally tackle some very challenging but beautiful trail runs through Armstrong Woods and other spots. And many of you have indicated that you’ll be doing some races in May and June. Pretty damn exciting, if you ask me.

Think about all of these factors, come with any burning questions on Sunday, and let’s discuss our plans going forward.

As always, I’m looking forward to seeing Everybody on Sunday. Happy Earth Day. Have a great week.


Annadel map: http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/480/files/Annadel.pdf