E.A.R.T.H. Runners is a marathon training program designed to help all people accomplish this feat. We take a natural approach to running that stresses an injury-free regimen, one that establishes self-discipline, overall health (of oneself and of the planet), and a spirit of community and support.

Who can train?young runners

Anybody. The youngest age is 12. The oldest age knows no limit. The approach here is to make running a lifelong activity, and marathon running in particular something that you can accomplish whether you’re old or young, in shape or out, and to overcome whatever impairments have been unmet challenges in the past.

When Do We Train?

Classes are ongoing each month. Contact Coach Don for more information at utopiancow@gmail.com. Once you register for a class, the process begins. You will meet, have an orientation, receive information about all the particulars, have an opportunity to ask questions, and then the journey begins. The long runs meet on weekend mornings, with midweek runs scheduled in the evenings during the week. Realistically, it takes a beginning runner about 6 months to train for a marathon.

old runner old shoes


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